Maintaining an effective Prosecutors Office is about more than speaking in court. A Prosecutor’s Office is an essential part of the people’s government. Nancy believes that operating such an office is about serving the public in the most ethical and efficient manner possible. Her goals for the future of the office keep those ideals in mind and are as follows:

Continued training of staff to be able to not only address new legal challenges, but also deal with changing technology.

Maintaining the high ethical standards of the Bay County Prosecutor’s office.

Increased communication and cooperation with the law enforcement agencies in and around the region.

Justice for victims and the community.

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I have dedicated my entire legal career to the citizens of Bay County.


About Nancy

“I have dedicated my entire legal career to the citizens of Bay County. After interning in the Prosecutor’s Office, I felt it was my calling to uphold the law and protect ordinary citizens.”

“There have been many people in my life who have inspired me to commit my legal career to public service. One of those individuals was my grandfather, Judge Dennis J. O’Keefe. My grandfather spent his legal career serving others. I have dedicated the last 15 years to keeping Bay County safe.”

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In 2001, I accepted the position of Assistant Prosecuting Attorney of Bay County. After, working as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for five years and handling many difficult cases, she was selected to become the Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney. I currently hold the position of Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for nearly the last ten years . I have prosecuted cases involving a wide range of crimes including homicides, domestic violence, criminal sexual conduct, armed robbery, home invasions. Being a prosecutor means having the responsibility to make the difficult decisions from the beginning of a case until the cases conclusion. The legal system is complex and every case is different in some way. I have the legal experience and hard-won judgment to make these decisions.


It was my calling to uphold the law and protect ordinary citizens.



I understand that crime effects more than just an individual. Crime impacts families, businesses, and the community as a whole. This is why I will be such a great Bay County prosecutor. A safe community will allow the communities children to flourish and create a stronger future for all. I have been involved with the CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region- Nathan Weidner Center, as a former board member and as a present member of the Multi-Disciplinary Team shows I have strong commitment in protecting all members of the community especially children.

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